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Change the world [Feb. 11th, 2005|05:36 pm]
John Edwards 2004


Help Change the World/"Pass it On"
Hi, my name is Joshua Brown. After reflecting on the past election and what is already going on since President George W. Bush has begun his second term, I have decided that it is time to do something and we cannot allow the world to continue in the current path of corruption and what may lead to destruction.

President Bush is proposing to cut all the programs that help the kids who most need help. Including cutting 100% of Upward Bound and the TRIO programs funding and cutting 50% of the funding for Safe and Drug Free school programs! While keeping all of his tax cuts. Why don't Americans understand that they need to pay taxes so the government can work.

Paying taxes so that those who need help can get it should be considered a Moral Issue. Helping people out of poverty should be considered a moral issue. Funding our schools and school programs to help all students in the next generation to succeed not just those who are lucky and are born into the right family should be a moral issue.

Why isn't it? Because our country is run by corporate greedy men and women who don't care about the average person, they only care about doing what it takes to make other people look bad, win elections (or steal them, they don't care as long as they end up in office) and then use their office to help their friends instead of the American people who really need the help.

I am not saying that all republicans are evil or that all democrats are good, I am just saying that President Bush and those in office are doing an injustice to America's children, America's poor, America's needy, America's teachers, America's parents, America's grandparents, and America's workers.

Something needs to be done to make sure that President Bush gets very little of what he wants, because it is not good for America. Something also needs to be done to change the mind set of the American public. Why is it that the issues that concern people the most are if gays should get married or if a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion.

These issues do not cause children to go without healthcare insurance, these issues do not keep students from having the chance to be successful, these issues do not make people be unable to pay for their prescription drugs, these issues do not cause people to go homeless or starve.

If you want to know what Jesus would do, read the Bible. The moral issues he dealt with in his life were the greed of government and of people, that it is our moral responsibility to help the poor, to help the sick, to help the children who cannot take care of themselves.

Let's stop spending so much of our precious time on earth with issues that Americans will never agree on and actually do something about the moral issues in America that we can do something about. We need to work to end poverty, to help every child be covered with adequate healthcare, help every child have the opportunity for success with access to good teachers, before and after school programs, Upward Bound, lets work to keep our children drug free, lets work together to get every person in America the food, clothes, and housing they need in order to have self-confidence needed to get a job and take care of themselves and their family, lets go back to taking care of our parents and grandparents when they get older instead of pushing them into nursing homes and talking to them once a week or once a month or a few times a year, and lets do something to stop the violence in our homes, schools, neighborhoods, country, and the world.

This can actually be done if we would work together and get the power of the government on our side not against all the interest of those who make America great. I believe that with Gods help and with the will to change our world we can fight the evils that try to keep things the way they are. Government is not evil, politics are not evil, but Americans are allowing both to be used for evil.

Please work toward doing something to change the direction we are going in. First look at yourself and change your own actions, then talk to your friends and family and help change their actions and tell them to do the same. If anyone remembers the movie "Pass it on" lets actually try this. You can copy and post my rant on message boards, send emails to your friends, print it and put it on bulletin boards. Another thing you can do is contact both your state and federal congressmen, your governor, the president, anyone public official with an email address and tell them that you want to them to support legislation, to fully fund programs which actually do help those who need help.

One example of this is to email, call, or write a letter to your US Senator, US Representative, and the President to at least put the funding back in place to keep programs like Upward Bound, Safe and Drug Free school, and other valuable programs that help the next generation stay out of trouble, gain self-confidence, and learn that they can succeed and be a valuable member of our world. You will not only change the students who are affected by these programs but in a small way we will be working to change the direction of this country and the world.

We have to do something and together I believe we can make the world a better place for all of us. I am begging you to help and and join me in a fight to change the world.